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||/\|| Well....if it were normal classical equations...we would have used well defined values. But in quantum physics,we have to deal with issues like electron clouds,probability of an electron hitting one region of a photographic plate etc.

||/\|| So in quantum physics,...instead of well defined events and values....we have probabilities.

||/\|| For example if you name the blades of a rotating fan as blade 1 , blade 2 and blade 3.....and decide to throw a ball when the fan is turning (I had tried it when i was small, but lets not go into what happened next).

||/\|| Now being a quantum physicist involves dealing with problems like....

  • What is the probability of the ball hitting blade 3? 
  • Next, what if blade 1 is made wider than the other blades so now that the area it occupies has becomes greater...will the probability of ball-hitting-it become greater.
  • Next, what if blade 2 is made thinner than the other what is the relative probability of the ball hitting them.
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When I was in 8th grade, teacher took a chalk in hand and broke it into smaller and smaller pieces...and said that there will come a time when a piece will be so small that it cannot be broken further. This piece is the atom she said.
At first it seemed ok,...but then i asked myself how can there be any particle that cannot be broken further ? After a lot of thinking, a deep voice said to me that matter or particles may just be waves moving at such rapid speeds in a small area...that they display particle- like properties.

But how,...why would waves stay at one place,...they are always busy travelling....and then when i grew up...i learnt about standing waves.

I thought maybe... matter can be standing waves. It was only much later when i came across a book on quantum physics (Quantum Theory by Archna Basu) and read Schrodingers equation that i understood that he had written a theory back in 1926 that electrons are standing waves and that is why they are so well arranged at fixed regular orbits around the nucleus.

Before reading  Schrodinger....i used to think that i am just daydreaming like a small crazy child. After reading Schrodinger...for the first time it felt that whatever i felt intuitively was not just daydreams. Nor was it ahead of time. It was already done.

More and more as i read Schrodinger (by the way till date i can't pronounce him correctly) that he felt that the electron was nothing but a bundle of waves so heavily superimposed over each other that start displaying particle-like sent shrills through my spine.

 I learnt my lesson to never underestimate that deep silent intuition, matter how scary or insane it seems.

Whatever i knew i put it into a book entitled 'Quantum Leaps' and another book entitled 'Visualizing Math', the purpose being to simply equations for beginners. The books that were easy and intuitive unfortunately never dealt with equations (only theory mostly) and the books that dealt with equation were not intuitive. 

The purpose of these books was to combine the best of the two they involve analogies to explain equations.

Analogies from what i learnt are a beginners best friend.

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