Monday, 10 June 2013


                                                                            |||| Hmmm………well for one reason, there is nothing called as maths existing in this universe. There is nothing called as a separate ‘2’ or ‘log' or dy/dx  existing seperately in any corner of this universe. Can you show me one? How can I love something that doesn’t even exist?

There were two stages in my life when it came to maths…..


 When I was frustuated by Maths.

When I understood  that Maths doesn’t exist at all.

It was just a pointer  towards a physical phenomenon.

|||| Maths is actually a code language ( I am talking about the formulas), which help you understand a physical phenomenon larger than itself. So speaking that way, there is only physics,chemistry,geography and so on. These are the only things that exist in this universe. Maths as said before is like a short-hand for writing these phenomenon and many a times acts like a toolbox which can help you understand or measure or even predict a phenomenon.

|||But unfortunately over the years, only the code language (formulas) gained more and more significance. What the code was trying to say was not available to beginners and worsely at times even to professionals. But what use is it that you have memorized a code very well, but don’t know how to decode it. They might you test you on how well you well you have memorized these codes, and maybe you might have even topped the class and impressed a girl around the corner (I know the feeling). But what use is a wizard of some code-language (formulas) if one doesn’t know what the code stands for?

|||Maths as I said is also a very efficient toolbox which can help you figure out and predict the behavior of objects no matter in which field you belong to.  But the way Maths is spread to  beginners, its like people have the tools, but don’t know where to use it or on what to operate it.

|||I myself don’t love mathematics. And I am telling you this after completing a whole book on maths. How can you love something that doesn’t exist in the whole universe?  Maths is a wonderful assistant, a toolbox, a code-language the purpose of which was to simplify things for you. But instead of acting as a simplifying agent, it is acting as the most complex thing that every engineer and worsely potential scientists are coming across. And you can blame it on the books which give formulas but not the purpose and significance behind these formulas.  

|||Countless students who could have become major scientists, astrophysicists, quantum-physicists, nuclear physicists gave up the idea before even pursuing a carrier in the subject that resonated with their heart because when they took up any book on these subjects in an advanced course, it was filled with maths. And they couldn’t see that maths was actually trying to explain them a physical phenomenon.

|||The books didn’t help them see that it was in these equations of  Maths were hidden the mysteries of the whole universe. Maths and formulas unfortunately was becoming like Chinese to them.

||||The fact that you have reached and are this very page of this book means that you are some-one perhaps with a research interest, someone who is humble enough to grasp new things quickly and was somehow not satisfied with the second-grade answers that the world gave you. As I said before it’s all some kind of a divine game.

|||I myself was on the verge on giving up trying to pursue a subject of my love because it was full of hi-funda math. And I never understood what it was meaning to say. But today after a series of consequences and co-incidences and research, whenever i take up any book of that same subject, the maths of that book as if starts speaking to me.

|||| Yes maths speaks. Every formula has got something to tell you. Just listen. From now on just listen.

"A problem is just something you haven’t listened to and understood well enough."
                                                                                                …………………J Krishnamurti









I hardly understood Math in school. In fact was on the verge of dropping the subject I loved the most because as much as I loved the theory of it, I could not understand the math involved in it. However I loved the subject too much to be able to live without. Hopelessly, I was continuing my love-affair with it. 

Then one day....a miracle happened,....while applying a certain formula again and again.....I came to know its significance. Slowly and steadily....other equations also started clicking. I got to see a strong relationship between Maths and the Physics it was pointing towards. They both were the same. Maths was just an easy language to express a physical phenomenon. And a bit more to that in the sense that it could even predict the behaviour of a certain physical phenomenon. Equations now as if came to life.

 Every equation now had as if something to say. A burning urge to share these things with the world aflamed within me. So that no one has to give up the subject that he or she loves the most. 
The book on visualizing maths thus got written as a sprout of inspiration. The blog followed. Both these are dedicated to you and all such similar minds searching for answers.

Visualizing Math & Physics is a blog dedicated to you and all such similar minds searching for answers.





  1. lol, i don't like maths for the same reason exactly, you are just like future me. I like maths only if i can understand it's physical significance like when it's used in physics or when i can visualize it (understand intuitively)

  2. Trust me, that's is what maths is. The people who say that they love maths are usually ones who suffer from "addiction to problems". All that they do is take a formula, put it into the problem and get answers. And when they do get the answers...... Happiness.........followed by pride and arrogance.

    They never understand the physical phenomenon happening behind problems. If you question them, they confuse you,.and it works. The saying that "if you can't explain something to someone, simply confuse him" works.

    The questioner ends up guilty. But keep on enquiring. Don't be satisfied with second rate answers.

    It's for people like you that this site is built and the book is written.

  3. I have a different view. disclaimer: I trained as an applied mathematician, but I don't "love" pure maths, I just like seeing it applied to the real world.

    When I was trying to study a subject epidemiology, the presentatation went out of its way to avoid using maths to explain concepts. I found the explanations written in words to be confusing and not well defined, probably because of the imprecise nature of language. Maths is a precise language, but you do need to learn the language, but the benefits are a method of expressing an idea. It is the combination of words and formulae that are most powerful when used together.